• Date of signing up: 01 August 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Kakha Kaladze
  • Population Size: 1500000
  • Status: Junior Member
  • Development Officer:
    Eka Burdiladze Head of local and International Organizations Relations Department at Economic Development Office Tel: +995 (32) 2 378 380, Cell: +995(577) 15 55 85, E-mail: e.burdiladze@tbilisi.gov.ge
  • Membership Form Signed

Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, is located in the country’s eastern half. The city stretches along the banks of the river Mtkvari. It lies at an altitude of between 380 and 600 metres, and covers around 720km2. The capital’s main source of water is the Mtkvari, which crosses the capital from North-West to South-East.
Economically and politically, Tbilisi is Georgia’s centre. The city is home to numerous local or international organizations. Despite the fact that unemployment is quite high in the capital (21%), Tbilisi’s economy is quite intense: over 40% of the country’s businesses are registered in the city.
Tbilisi is also noteworthy as an ideal location for small businesses: over 80% of business entities registered in Tbilisi are small businesses. In terms of direct foreign investments, over 77% of the FDI invested in Georgia in recent years was invested in Tbilisi.